Why the Acid rain generally occurs ?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about one of the natural calamity. Yes, the Acid rain is one of the most harmful calamities occurred. If you like this article, you must subscribe to our Email and PUSH Notifications services in order to get much more latest interesting updates to your Inbox and as mobile notifications to your smartphone. It is absolutely free.

In chemistry, an acid is a water-soluble substance, capable of donating protons (Hydrogen ions, H+) when dissolved in water. The protons attach to Water molecules (H2O) to produce Hydroxonium ions (H2O+). In neutral water, there are equal numbers of Hydrogen ions and Hydroxide ions (OH-), but in an acid solution, there are more hydroxonium ions. The greater their concentration, the stronger the acid.

OK, coming to the topic, we learn in our lessons as the acid rain is dangerous and harmful to both Living and Non-living organisms. We lost many monuments and creations due to these natural calamities. Many of our future generation can’t see those wonders. Many people say this is due to the pollution what we are causing in our daily life. OK let’s check how the pollution is the main source for causing acid rain.

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Here's the scientific reason behind the occurrence of the Acid rain:

In the pure dry air, there is 78% of Nitrogen, 21% of Oxygen, 0.93% of Argon and 0.03% of Carbon monoxide etc.., gasses are present. Carbon dioxide, Sulfur Oxide, Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen Oxide are main air pollutants which are released from different Industries as gasses etc.., these pollutants are released from the motor industries, Power plants, wastes released by Space vehicles.

The clouds that produce acid rain are formed when polluting gasses, such as Sulfur dioxide and Nitrogen oxide, combine with oxygen and moisture in the air. The reaction occurs between the humidity in the air and these wastes released to air from the harmful acids like Sulfuric Acid, Carbonic Acid, and Nitric Acid. These acids mix with rain water and fall on the earth. The resultant precipitation is Acid rain.

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This is the dilute mixture of Sulfuric acid and Nitric acid. Acid rain causes forestry damage, as well as hastening the erosion of many ancient buildings and sculptures. This acid rain falls in specific places of the earth according to on its climatic conditions. This rainfall in the rivers, ponds etc.., when we drink these water then many diseases related to Bones, Kidneys will cause.

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