Why birds, airplanes close their legs in flight?

Hi Science enthusiasts, today I am in front of you to explain the interesting fact about the birds and the airplanes. We see the airplanes fly in the sky. Of course, we may the flight of an airplane.

These airplanes are invented by the Wright brothers. Their names are Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright. The airplanes work on the Bernoulli’s principle. Nowadays there are many advanced technologies of airplanes came into existence like ‘Boeing 747’ and ‘Airbus’.

The United States is the only country which has the largest number of airports. The airplanes are similarly designed as the bird. The only difference is the birds will directly fly but the airplanes should travel on the runway to fly in the sky.

OK coming to the topic, still now we discussed the birds and airplanes. If any of the readers who see the flight of the airplanes or flight of the birds then they must get a doubt that why the birds and airplanes close their legs in flight. Interested to know the science involved in this activity. Don’t worry, I am here to explain to you what is the scientific reason behind this activity.

Here's the reason why airplanes and birds close their tires or legs in flight:

We may watch that the birds close their legs nearer to their body in their flight and when landing they stretch their legs straight. We also know airplanes close their tires in flight and stretch their tires when landing. The science of flying is similar to the birds and airplanes. In their flight, some amount of resistance is created by the temperature in the case of these flying objects. This resistance created depends on the shape of the flying object.

When this object is smooth then its resistance is reduced and easy to move. The resistance is similar to the friction on the land. When the friction on the land is less then the moving body on the land navigates easily. The shape which allows less resistance to apply on the body is less called as ‘Stream Line Shape’.

In air airplanes, bird, fishes and boats etc.., were in this shape. When the legs of the birds or tires of the airplanes are straight in flight its body resistance increases then there is fewer chances to easily navigate in the air. As this theory is known to the birds by birth, I mean naturally, they close their legs close to body naturally.

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