How the camphor makes the paper boat to run in water ?

Hello Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you something about the motion developed when contact with water. Yes, it is camphor. We may see some people were moving this paper boats in the water by using this material. If you like this article, please subscribe to our Email and PUSH notifications services. It is absolutely free. IN order to get latest interesting updates to your Inbox and as mobile notifications.

Camphor is a white color material which is waxy in nature. This material burns as a fuel when fire touches to it. This is may be soluble in the water. It is also transparent to look. We can smell some type of good smell from it. The chemical formula of this is "C10H16O". The melting temperature point on this is up to 175o Celsius. This material forming plant is scientifically called as "Cinnamomum camphora".

OK coming to the topic, till now we have discussed the properties of the element camphor. We may see in our childhood or in any exhibition that there will be a small lightweight boat in the tub of water was moving without consisting of a motor in it.

The exhibitor will just insert a small cylindrical white colored material at the back of the boat as touching the water surface.  Here that cylindrical white colored material is camphor. Now let’s see why this material helps the boat to move front on the water.

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Here's the scientific reason that how camphor influences the paper boat to run in the water:

The camphor is of many types. We can do many tricks with the camphor. In olden days in India, the magician's used to do tricks with camphor that they will take a leaf and they do small holes on the leaf which can’t be visible. Then they will place camphor on the leaf thus the whole setup was placed in the bowl of water. They will say that if you tell lie the leaf will move and if you tell true it doesn't move.

The actual working of this material is when it placed on the water the water tension is decreased and the water strives to move from high tension place to low tension place such that according to the Newton's Third law the camphor placed on the paper will move front on the water.

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