Consuming the boiled water, boiled by electric heater is Good or Bad?

Hi Science enthusiasts, Today I am going to explain you about the drinking water. Generally, if we drink the normal water which is municipally treated will consist of some amount of microorganisms even they are refined. So, because of this reason we get some diseases like Cough, Cold, and some other Viral diseases.

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If we drink the hand pump water which is harmful we may effect to the disease called Elephantiasis. So in order to eliminate all these problems to our body, we boil the water before we drink. This boiling water is the best way to remove the Microorganisms present in the water. Drinking the boiled water is good to health.

The process of boiling water and then drinking after it gets cool is good every time. There are two advantages by boiling the water.

  1. The microorganisms which are present in the water are killed. Thus the diseases which occur due to the water are reduced.

  2. It removes the temporary hardness of the water.

Generally, we use the Gas stove for boiling the water.  We can also use the Immersion heater instead of the gas stove to heat the water. This immersion heater works with the Electricity. It utilizes the electricity and develops heat in the coil present in the coil shape molded circular tube.

The coil is made up of the high restive material so that it develops the heat. There is filling between the coil and circular tube in order to don't get short circuit which has the properties of the thermal conductivity and also acts as the electrical insulator.

OK, Did you think what happens if we drink the boiled water which is boiled with help of an Immersion heater? Don't worry I am here to explain to you what happen if you drink that water. Move on...

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Here's the reason what happen when we drink the boiled water using Immersion heater:

Here the usage of the gas stove or Electric heater for boiling the water will have nothing difference. If we think in another way the boiling water on the gas stove, some of the released gasses may dissolve in the water. But here, there is no chance to dissolve any type of gasses in water while using an Electric heater.

We discussed the heater consists of a coil. If the coil exists then the electromagnetic waves produced by the coil when it is switched in supply. Here the Electromagnetic waves did not exist all time in the water and the electric field passing in water doesn't pollute the water.

When we switch off the supply then these waves are also stopped following in water. The process of heating water is good using an electric heater and it doesn’t cause any harm to our body when we drink the those boiled water.

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