Why the housefly rubs their two legs?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain about one of the small creatures of the god which irritates us a lot when we are in the work. They mostly present in the bad smell areas. Yes, that was the housefly. Please subscribe to our Email and Push Notifications service and get much more interesting stuff to your inbox and mobile.

We see housefly in our house or in some other places. They revolve around us by making buzz sounds. Those sounds irritate us a lot when we are in a concentration at work. Many contaminating diseases are caused due to these houseflies around us.

They fly in many dusty, dump yard places. The scientific name of houseflies is Musca domestica. Their average life span is 28 days. There is a most popular film on housefly as “Eega” in India. This film was directed by the director of the film Baahubali.

OK coming to the topic, till now we discussed the basic concepts on houseflies. If we observe practically, housefly which flies on us will rub its two front legs. Interested to know why they do like that. Then move on…

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Here's the scientific reason why the housefly rubs its legs after landing on an object:

Houseflies are living from billions of years on the earth. This is proved by scientists with the help of their hair. When we see or when the houseflies roam around us then we irritate. Actually, the creature of a housefly is irritable. The houseflies are the main reason for many diseases. The contamination diseases like cough etc.., are caused mainly due to these houseflies. So we need to care about houseflies.
The housefly’s front legs are very sticky in nature. Due to this reason, when they lay on any object the harmful microorganisms on that object will stick to its legs. But here the question is why the houseflies rub its front two legs when it falls on any object.

The houseflies will taste the object by rubbing their front two legs. They can’t taste anybody with their mouth. So that when it roams here and there it falls on the object any detect the taste of different objects by rubbing their legs.

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