How does the Bullet Proof Glass works ?

The Normal glass is prepared with nearly 5 mm width. When if mistake any material thrown on it and when it breaks then causes harm to the other side of the people. So because of that the cars, buses window glasses are mixture of two glasses combined together with a plastic layer inside it. The above type glasses of three numbers is joined together and form a hard glass, it stuck with any object the broken pieces of glass with stay at the same place. This principle is used to prepare the Bullet Proof glass.

The bullet proof glass is prepared with many layers of glass. The hardened Poly Carbonate glass is combined together with a soft plastic layer inside. Like this glass with number of 6 to 7 mixed together called as a Bullet Proof glass. The normal Bullet proof glass width is nearly  3 to 5 inches. When the bullet fired on the bullet proof glass, it effect on the first glass thus it loss some of its energy and when it applied to another glass then some more energy and it stops by losing all its energy by stuck to further glasses  by that it the person behind the bullet proof glass doesn’t effect.  This type of glasses is used by Police and Protection teams etc..,


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