How does the Lemon battery works ?

We all know how the lemon battery is prepared. The normal battery is a combination of many cells. A cell is the mixture of two electrodes and the electrolyte.  The number of cells get together is called as battery. The chemical reactions occurred in the cell it produces the electricity. The example of cell is, if a copper and zinc rods are placed in the bowl with electrolyte as Sulphuric Acid.

Then the chemical energy is converted to the electrical energy. When we place a bulb connecting it to two rods of that cell the bulb glows. This is same applied to the lemon. We insert a copper rods and zinc or iron nail into the lemon. When a small LED is Placed in between the two electrodes then it will glows. The LED will glow bright when we press the lemon. Here the lemon juice is working as an electrolyte. This one lemon is not more efficient to glow bulbs of less voltage. We should connect five or six lemon cells in series then the electricity generated is added one by one.


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