How to increase efficiency of an engine?

Hi Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about the secret behind increasing efficiency of an engine. See, the day-to-day world is full of machines. There would be no industrial revolution without the machines.

Our life would become slow without the usage of machines in our daily life. We full fill our daily needs with the help of the machines. We perform many tasks to the machines to undergo. In olden days there were no machines even though they alive but nowadays we can’t leave with the usage of machines because it makes the performing task easier. We see this large machinery in the small scale industries and also in large scale industries. In these industries, these machinery works for a long period of time.

See a general example, when we are appointed for a job and we have done best in those because we are young. After some years we can’t deliver the work as much efficient as we do in our starting days because we become old. Similarly to the machines all time they can’t deliver the 100% efficient work. The engine we purchase for the machinery to run will for best maximum up to 2-5 years.

After this period the engine will introduce the problem in it very frequently to us. Due to this, there is we can't deliver continuation in the work. So the technicians in the industry will maintain a preventive maintenance schedule for all engines present in their industry.

Thus we can rectify the inner damages and other problems of engines and deliver the 100% amount of work. The problems in the engines mostly occurred in the mechanical parts of it.  Let’s see how the technicians will diagnose the problems and fix it.

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Here's the science involved in the practice of increasing efficiency of an engine:

If any two objects together pushed, pulled or rubbed then some kind of fiction is developed between those particular two objects surfaces. This friction acts opposite always to the motion. Because of this reason, cycle wheel or motorcycle wheels, the ball bearings are used at pivot for free turning. The theory is moving of round balls in the ball bearing. Because of that, the moving of any object is easy.

The efficiency of the engine decreased because of the moving parts in the engine like piston etc.., To reduce this we use the various gels like oils, grease etc.., type of materials. When we pour oil in the moving parts of the engine like moving the piston, an oil layer is formed between the two objects.

Thus it reduces the friction between the two objects. So, that the efficiency of the engine is increased and works for many years. They even also perform maintenance schedule because the "Prevention is better than the cure".

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