Why the Lotus leaf doesn't observe the water ?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about some different kind of a plant which leaves will not get wet. Yes, the lotus leaf will not get wet if we pour water on it or dip in the water jar.

This is a special property which doesn’t exist in all other types of plant leaves. This is leaf doesn’t absorb the water, oil, and many other liquids we pour on it. In olden days these may be used to make temporary jars store the water.

There is puzzle, there are 100 persons are sitting side by side in a row, I will pour the oil in first person hand, he has to transfer it to the side person, thus the cycle repeats and after the 100th person received the oil, the amount of oil should be equal to the amount which I have given to the first person?

In order to satisfy this condition, the lotus leaf is placed on the every person hand. It just acts like an object which will not absorb the matter.

OK coming to the topic, did you think why this lotus leaf doesn’t observe the water or any liquids? Don’t worry, I am here to explain you the science present in the leaf for not absorbing water or any liquids.

Here's the scientific reason about why the lotus leaf doesn't absorb water:

The Lotus leaf will not observe the water because of its outer layer which presents with the group of cells. The cellulose element present in the each cell combined form of the Kyutin. This will form a Kyutical layer on the wall of the cells present in the outer layer of the lotus leaf. This layer is basically like a layer, which prepared with fat and has properties as wax.

This layer will consist of acids, alcohol and carbon atoms. They will not dissolve in water so, no chemical reaction occurred to this leaf. The Kyutical layer will protect the Lotus leaf and when water falls on it due to tension it converts as a round ball shape and rolls down to fall out from the leaf.

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