How the pilot know their travelling path ?

Hello Science enthusiasts, today I am going to tell you something you may not know. We see airplanes in our daily life. Someone in these may travel in it. We know a pilot is a person who drives the airplane to our destination point.

If we want to fly to any place we go to airport and travel in an airplane. You confirm your ticket and go sit in your seat. After some time your flight is landed in the desired destination. Still, know you traveled in the airways. If we travel in the roadways, we see many sign on the sides of the road to navigating us to our desired destination.

But in the case of the airways, there will be no such stop, go slow, work ahead, men at work signs exist in the air. Then you may know get a doubt the how we know that we going to our desired destination. If you are in India, want to travel to the US, you’re in flight if you don’t know the correct direction where the destination exists then you may land in another place.

Don’t be confused, I am here to explain you about how the pilots will know the traveling path for the destination point.

How the science involved in the knowing of traveling path by pilot driving the airplane:

When we are learning math’s subject in the school days, we all come across the study of the Graph paper. In that graph paper, there are many horizontal and vertical lines on the graph making small square boxes. The horizontal lines are X-axis and the vertical lines are Y-axis.

The intersection of x-axis and y-axis lines forms a point. If a point is located on that graph, we can say the accurate position of the point where it exists on the graph using both x-axis and y-axis.

Similarly, the whole globe is designed as a flat graph paper. The x-axis and y-axis on these graphs are known as Longitudes and Latitudes. We find distance and location from one to another point or a specific point on this graph using these longitudes and latitudes.

There is radar placed in the cockpit front of the pilot. Thus the pilots know the exact place where they are and find the place where they need to go. They also communicate with control rooms is airports where they need to go. They will communicate using radio waves. If this communication is lost then the pilot doesn’t know where to go and in which direction to travel.

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