What happen if we release bombs on other planets and moon ?

Hi Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you something interesting thing about the nature of moon and other planets. Today we are going to discuss what happen if we threw bombs on the friends of our earth I mean on the moon and the other planets in our solar system.

They are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We know these planets consist of the vacuum as in the space. There are many satellites were launched by many countries in this world to study on the other planets about their climate, geographical conditions.

For example ISRO from India has launched MOM to study on mars, NASA from the US has launched Curiosity rover to study on the mars. Not only these, there are many other missions are going to study the conditions on the other planet. Their main intention to conduct all these researchers is to find whether there is a chance to survive on them.

OK, I have a crazy question that what happen if we drop the explosives on the other planet including the moon. I interested on this topic and researched the topic. Now I am going to explain you my answer about this question. Let’s move on…

Here's the scientific reason about what happen which bombs release on other planets and moon:

The reaction of explosions is different for the different planet. The satellites like Moon and planets like Mercury, Venus, and Mars don’t contain any air medium. So, when we make an explosion on these planets the lightening will occur similar to earth but the fire and sound won’t come. The reason behind is to setup the heat they must require oxygen then they burn. To emit sound, there should be some air medium present. If not there will be no sound transferred. But when we make an explosion on planets like Jupiter and Saturn, the light, sound will also come similar as earth. Here the chemical energy is converted into some sort of mechanical energy and some light energy is released. When on the moon and other vacuum temperature planets, these gasses are immediately released into the vacuum.

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