How scientists know what is present under Earth?

Hi Science enthusiasts, Today I am going to explain something special and interesting thing. We see many mines like coal mines, steel mines, petroleum mines. Before they are establishing, there are many tests conducted on that land. The many scientists will observe what is present under that earth.

Instead of establishing the mines before we do tests about what is present under that land. If not the lots of money, manpower, time gets wasted. The mines are formed depend on upon the material availability under that land. Our planet is also called as the blue planet.

Our planet is in the spherical shape as a football. There are many layers present in our planets like Atmosphere, Crust, Mantle, Outer core and Inner core. Our planet has 75% of water and 25% of land etc.., The water percentage level is going on increasing due to the effect of Global warming on our planet.

As the result, we lost the low-level land areas. This is all because of us. We are polluting our planet with the usage of non-bio-degradable materials. I request you all to not pollute our surroundings also don't encourage others to pollute.

OK, coming to the topic. We discussed mines are formed after the research that what is present under that particular land area. The place where the rich amount of material exists, there we establish a mine. If not the loss of money, time and manpower.

We see many metals, natural minerals were extracted from the earth. Are you interested to know how this is possible to detect the materials under the land? Don't worry, I am here to explain to you what is the actual phenomena involves.

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Here's the answer about what the scientists applied to know what present under the Earth:

If compared to size of the earth, the earth’s outer layer is like an Apple’s peel. The earth’s outermost layer is called as Crust. The crust is in large size such that the bore wells are like a hole which is making by a pin to it. The waves which are produced by the earth are Shockwaves. On the basis of study of moving these waves, our scientists know the internal construction of our earth. Due to these waves they discovering air, oil etc.., which are present in the earth. If it doesn't exist, then they need to research only at the time when the earth quakes occur. But know to do this research we may not wait for the earthquakes to arrive.

We can also know the waves which are produced due to the small explosions under the earth. The equipment like Atom bombs are used for this type of research. When they do research under the oceans then they fire the Air Guns. The high pressure in these guns is used to produce the Shock waves. Thus it is easy to the scientists to study what material is present under the earth.

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