Why the thunders frequently fall on longest trees ?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about another natural phenomenon which occurs mostly in the rainy season. Yes, that was the thunders. If you like this article, please subscribe to our Email and PUSH notifications services in order to get much more latest interesting updates to your Inbox and as mobile notifications to your mobile.

Most of us see the thunders in our daily life. We notice that the light, sound some produces when lightning occurs. Lightning begins inside the thunderclouds, when water and ice particles are thrown together by air currents, creating static electricity. Positive charges collect at the top of the cloud, negative at the bottom. Eventually, the difference between the positive and negative charges is large enough to overcome the insulation of the air in between. A lightning bolt leaps between the two – or between the cloud and the positively charges ground – to neutralize the charge.

OK coming to the topic, we discussed the occurrence of this lightening. We also discussed that this thunder occurs between two clouds or between clouds and ground. During this phenomenon running, we may hear some sound and the light produced during this neutralization of the charge. We may observe that the light some first then the sound next. Now I am going to explain why this happens and where this thunder frequently falls.

Here's the reason behind the thunders frequently falling on longest trees:

Thunders are the mass, not a weight body. These occur when the charge flowing from high potential to low potential. When the charge flowing from high potential to low potential or when the positively charged and negatively charged clouds dashes each other, the air ions get ionized and the lightning is produced. While this occurs the sounds with high frequency are emitted. This mixture of these lightening and then unbearable sounds are combined known as the Thunderstorms.

We all know that the electrical charge flows on through the least resistance path. The trees which are tall, wet, Smooth, fat will mainly effect with these thunders. The example of these is coconut trees which are tall, wet etc.., the thunders effect on trees which are also taller than coconut trees. Through these trees when the thunders affected the charge are flows to the earth, as we know that the earth will have zero potential. The objects which are higher than the trees are towers. These thunders also fall on the towers.

The reason why we see light first even the light and sound are emitted at the same time in the sky because of the traveling speed of the light is greater than the traveling speed of the sound. The time taken for the sun rays to fall on the earth is about 8 seconds.

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