What happen when the airplanes in thunders ?

We know that the Airplanes will fly in the sky. These airplanes are invented by the "Wright Brothers". Their names are Orville Wright(August 19, 1871 – January 30, 1948) and Wilbur Wright(April 16, 1867 – May 30, 1912). They belongs to the United States of America. Now-a-days these Ariplanes became a Means of Transportation. As before the invention of Airplane, there are only three means of transportaions like Roadways, Railways and Seaways. But know the new way is Airways. These airplanes fly on the law of Bernoulli's Principle.

Did you think that what happen when the airplanes in thunders. Do you think what happen to the people who are in airplanes in thunders. We know about the thunders. The thunder mean the passing of electricity from the sky to the earth. This is only possible when a kind of conductor is came in between these both sky and the earth.

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Here even the air is an insulator, due to the high amount of energy in the thunder, the air breaks down and acts as the conductor. To know what will happen when the airplanes in thunders, read the below article.

How the Science effects when the airplanes in thunders:

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From the earth nearly 15 K.M high all the clouds, dust, water molecules will exist. When the clouds are moving the two clouds one to another dashes each other then some amount of charge is generated. When the positively charged and negatively charged clouds are dashes each other then the lightening will occur. In Lightening the charge will travel from high potential to the low potential.

When the difference of potential is high then the flowing of electricity is proportional to it. The earth’s potential is zero because when the thunder falls on the object which is attached or landed on earth the effect is more. But when the high potential touches to the airplane it flows through it’s surface and because it is not touches to earth the effect on the airplane will be nothing.

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