Why cricketers in cricket move their hands back while catching approaching ball?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to tell you about a common action in the game. That game was cricket. We see many fielders move their hands back while catching the ball which is coming down.

We all know the cricket is played, there will be two opposite teams consists and eleven members will exist per team to play. World widely billions of fans for the cricket. This cricket is the second game which has the largest fans. The first place goes to the "Football".

We can also say that the highest people watching sport are "Cricket". There are many famous Stadiums to play. The game of cricket was being from the 16th century. The origin of this game is mostly unknown. But there is viral talk that this game was originated from the South-East England.

Thus it became the national sport of the England in the 18th century. This game is popularized globally in the 19th and 20th century. The International matches were started from 1844. The test cricket was started from 1877. There's also a council international wide called "International Cricket Council ( ICC )".

We all see that cricketers who were playing, while they catching a ball they will move their hands to come what back. Here the question was why they move their hands back? Interested to know the answer then move on...

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How the Science involved in catching the ball by the cricketer in cricket:

To catch a ball which speedily approaching towards the cricketer, he should use some resistant strength to catch the ball. If not to catch the ball which is speedily approaching towards cricketers they need to use more force? By this, the ball caught by the cricketer may be injured to their hands.

While catching the ball if we move our hands backward then the ball speed will be decreased. So, that there is a chance to decrease in the injury to the hands. So, that finally we understood that why the cricketers will move their hands will catching the ball is to reduce its speed and decrease the injury chances to their hands.

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