Why do we fall down when we step on banana peel?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you the science present in any funny accident. This is a funny accident. Sometimes accidentally we met to this accident. This also occurs on the smooth floors. Did you get any idea what is it? Yes, it's banana. The bananas are one of the most common fruits which are available in all of the seasons.

In India, the banana tree leaves are used as the plates in previous days. These bananas are rich in the Potassium. This potassium is represented with 'K'. This is because of the potassium has the native name called 'Kalium'. The Sports persons will get instant energy by the consumption of the Glucose. Sometimes they eat this banana instead of glucose consumption because this also gives them instant energy. Some people eat bananas after their workout in the GYM.

The cover on the bananas is called as the banana peel. Some people will eat the bananas and throw the peel on the other side of them. If a person walking in that way and stepping unfortunately on that peel, he falls down. There may be some situations in our life that we have seen a person who fell down by stepping on the banana peel.

But have you ever think that why and what is the reason behind it? Very few will think about this and many of the people will laugh at those moments. OK, now let's learn what is the reason behind it?

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Here's the reason how science involved in the person falling down because on stepping on banana peel:

The reason behind this situation is the soapy layer present inside of the banana peel. Due, to this it has zero fiction. We learned previously about friction and how it works in our daily life. As Friction is the force resisting the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers, and material elements sliding against each other.

If a banana peel fell on the roads and when a person step on is the soapy smooth on the layer will get contact surface of the Earth and the friction will be become zero then automatically the person who steps on the banana peel will fell down. Thus, who steps on the peel will fell down.

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