What is the working principle of projector?

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Nowadays we use and see a lot of projectors but we don't know their working and what is the theory hidden behind its working?  We use a projector to display some images or videos on the screen. In the olden days, the projectors are used only at the movie theaters.

These projectors are invented by the "Charles Francis Jenkins". They use to display the pictures on a plane-surfaced wall or a cloth. There will be a source of light with higher luminous intensity. The capacity of the bulb used will be nearly 1000 watts.

The picture to display will be in the form of reels. They pass the reels in middle of the light source and the display screen. such that the images present in the reels are projected on the display screen . The images displayed size is increased by increasing the distance between the light source and the display screen.

We see the movies know everything is fine. Know we learn the working of the projector. Did you get a doubt that why the images scrolled will not appear as images to us? why they appear as video. I am here to explain to you what is the reason behind this phenomena.

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Here's the science involved in the working principle of the projector:

If the speed of scrolling reel is decreased the projected pictures will looks like a slide show. They display the picture in a faster way thus our eyes will not detect them because according to the “Persistence of vision (PoV)”, our eyes will not detect the work which happens in less than 1/6th second. It means the time of 0.0625 seconds. The best example of this principle is the projector.

If we refer a movie displaying in the theater the 24 reel photos will pass across the source during 1 second. So, it looks like a movie. If it's reduced to 13, 12 or even less it looks like a slideshow is playing on the screen. Thus, the projector releases the light intensity through the reels and they display on the screen which is arranged to a particular distance to adjust image size and image quality.

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