How does the wireless charging phone works?

Hello, Science  enthusiasts, today I am going to explain the working principle and operating mechanism of the Wireless charger. We hear about wireless charging phone. The brand new companies was integrating this new technology to their new mobiles and releasing into the market.

We all see the usage of wireless chargers to our mobile phones used by our friends, neighbors etc.., This phenomenon is popularized know. There are lots of research behind this wireless charging phone theory. For the first time, this wireless theory was proposed by the "Nikola Tesla". This wireless power transfer is first implemented by the Nikola Tesla.

This theory successfully came into existence and know the various applications was developed using this wireless power transfer theory. One of the best examples for right know is the wireless charging phone. we use this wireless charging phone but we don't know how it works. To know this read the below paragraphs.

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Here's the reason how Science involved in the Wireless charging phone functioning:

This wireless energy transfer will not have any physical connections between phone and charger. When you place a phone on the pad of the wireless charger then it's a magic, the charging automatically gets started. The main phenomena of working are electromagnetic induction. This wireless charging mechanism is also called as the induction charging. There are many examples for the electromagnetic induction, the simple example is a transformer.

The Faraday's laws play a crucial role in the functioning of the wireless charging phone. These Faraday's laws proposed by the Michael Faraday. He was a popular scientist of Electromagnetism. In these Faraday's laws, the First law is

When ever the magnetic field cuts the conductor then the Electro-motive force(EMF) induced in the particular conductor

the most suitable to explain the functioning of the wireless charger. There also the Faraday's second law state that the

The rate of change of Induced emf in the conductor is depends on the rate of change of flux linkage to it.

By these laws, we observe a point that the continuous change of flux linkage to the conductor will induce the emf in it. If it cut for one time and goes rest then nothing induced in the conductor. Based on these statements many new inventions took place. For example, motor. We can't assume this world without an electric motor. Indirectly there is no industrial revolution without an Electric motor.

There is a spiral coil in the pad of the wireless charger which is connected to supply. When we switch on the supply then the current passing through the coil will produce the magnetic field around the coil.  when we introduce another coil in a magnetic field influence of the first coil then the magnetic field is cut by the second coil thus the power induced in the second coil due to the involving of Faraday's laws.

This is also a simple example of electromagnetic induction. Here the secondary coil is in our mobile phones which are connected to the battery.  Thus when we place our mobile phone on the  charger pad our mobile gets charged without any physical connections. This is the theory behind the wireless charger.

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