Why the bicycle tubes frequently punctured in summer?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about the nature of bicycle tubes in summer. In summer these tubes are frequently getting a puncture. Did you know why? If you like this article, please subscribe to our Email and PUSH notifications service. It is absolutely free. In order to get latest updates of our site to  your Inbox and as mobile notifications.

The bicycle is also called as the cycle. This cycle was a human powered vehicle, unless and until the driver of this cycle drives the pedals of this cycle the cycle don't move. The professional of driving cycle is known as "Bicyclist". There are very rare humans who learn to ride the cycle without falling down.

This was invented in the 19th century. "Draisienne" was the person who transports on the cycle for the first time. In Europe until the year 2003, Over 1 Million of bicycles were sold out. The bicycles are the most common, economical transportation for every human in this world. In fact, there is no pollution while riding the bicycles such as the pollution emitted by other vehicles.

Riding bicycle is good for health and it is a type of exercise which makes us physically fit. Many people love to ride the bicycle, especially children they get time to learn how to ride the bicycle in the summer season itself. But in summer season frequently our cycle tube gets punctured and children will cry at those times as they got an obstacle to riding the bicycle.

If is there any urgent work on the outside and our means of transportation is the cycle if it tubes get punctured then we may also an obstacle in means of transporting, then we choose other alternatives.

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What is the reason of Bicycle Puncture:

Know let's learn what is the reason behind the frequent puncture of bicycle tubes in summer? We all know their will is air present in the tubes of the bicycle tire. Due to the heat present inside the tube, the air which is present in the tube will expand.

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Just think if it was summer season then naturally the temperature is hot and the temperature inside the tube increase to some more instant. Then according to the temperature the air present in the tube will expand as the temperature is higher than the air will also present tube will expand to more extent.

So the air expands to some more and the Pressure handling capacity of the cycle tube will reach to its bursting factor and if any little force acts on it then immediately the cycle tube will. Burst out I mean get punctured. Due to this reason in summer some people will maintain some free space in the cycle tubes.

This was the reason behind the frequently puncturing of cycle tubes. Not only the bicycles tubes but also some bike tubes were also get punctured in these seasons only.

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