How the salt melting ice phenomena occurs?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about the phenomena of salt melting ice when we sprinkle salt on ice. We see this phenomenon many and if not we may hear by many times. Everything is fine up to now, Let's see the how the science involved in this phenomena practically in our daily life.

We saw many times that the Ice melts when the salt sprinkled on it. we also hear that the salt is required to melt the ice in a faster way. some children will also play by spraying salt on the ice. There will be no one in the world without doing this experiment.

The salt is a common ingredient which presents in everyone's house. This is called as the table salt. The chemical name of this salt is Sodium Chloride. Chemically we represent it as the "NaCl". OK, fine up to here, we discussed that Ice melts when salt sprinkled on it.

Did you questioned yourself that, "why does salt melt ice?". Interesting to know the science of it. Then move on to the article below.....

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What is the Scientific reason behind the salt melting ice:

Know here we are going to learn why and what is the reason behind the melting of Ice when the salt sprinkled on it. The water converted to Ice at 0° Celsius temperature. This particular temperature point is also called as Freezing point temperature of water.

It means even though at the normal pressure the water temperature below the freezing temperature will not be in the liquid state. But there is a huge change when the salt is sprinkled on it. Here the salt will decrease the temperature of the water required to become Ice or used as to melt the Ice from solid to liquid state.

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For example, If 10% salt containing water at 0° Celsius will maintain as only in the liquid state. It doesn't allow water to convert to the solid state it means ice. It doesn't become solid even at -6° Celsius. Similarly, the 20% of salt containing water will not become Ice even at the -16° Celsius.

When the salt sprays on the Ice then immediately reacts to that to decrease the temperature till doesn't become Ice and changes to the liquid state. The Scientists had also done researches and declared that calcium chloride, magnesium chloride will also melt the Ice to water very fast than the sodium chloride (salt).

The reason is it decreases the freezing point more than the salt. This is the reason why does salt melting ice.

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