Why the sun appears red at sunrise and sunset?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to tell you about the interesting phenomenon of the sun. We see the sun is in the orange color. Although we can't see the sun directly but as the fire color is orange it supposed to say, the sun color is orange. We may observe the changes of color of the sun in the early mornings and evenings.

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Many people love to see the movement that the sun is going inside the hills at sunset and the sunrise from the middle of the hills at early morning. The sun is a star which is a Self-luminous body. Due to this, we are enjoying the day and night variation in the earth.

Without this, the earth would be dark . Of course, the electricity exists on the earth, the earth will become dark. This will be in the center of the Solar system. There are 8 other planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Indirectly we are surviving because of the sun.

I will explain to you how it happens, the sun's energy is required for formation of "Cyanobacteria" and this is most important for the growth of the plants. This is feed for herbivorous, the herbivorous are food for carnivorous, this carnivorous food for the omnivorous.

This is the main cycle going in this ecosystem. By this, you may notice that ultimately we are nothing without this star. OK, coming to the topic, Did any of you got a doubt as, why this star will appear in red color at those peak times, I mean at evenings and early mornings. Now here we are going to learn what is the reason behind the sun appears in red color.

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Here's the answer that how science involved in the appearance of the sun as red color at sunrise and sunset:

Generally, in the evening times, this sunshine will reach to the earth in an inclined manner. So, it has to travel for large distance than other situations. In this process, all colors in the light spectrum ( VIBGYOR ) (V-Violet, I-Indigo, B-Blue, G-Green, Y-Yellow, O-Orange, and R-Red) will split due dust particles in the air except the red color.

This is due to because the red color has the more wavelength than the other colors, Because that the red color left and its wavelength is more so that the sun will appear in red color at peak timings, evenings and as well as early  mornings.

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