What is the reason behind the mirages?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about the natural phenomenon mostly occur on sunny days on the roads. Yes, that was the Mirages.

While you travel on the roads in the afternoon time, if the roads were not in any shadow of trees showed beside the roads etc.., we can able to see some water is present at the far distance  where we are stood. If you try to catch them by travel nearer to them they disappear as we go near them, they become invisible.

We see there are water and blue clouds at far distances. This occurs in deserts and shadowless roads. This phenomenon is called 'mirage'. These mostly occur in the deserts. As of bad luck, if any person who doesn't know the concept of mirage and he was in deserts.

Sad to discuss, he thinks that was an oasis and tries to reach that mirage by walking even in that hot summer to drink the water.So many people were died in the deserts because of this reasons. Here the question that "How the mirages occur?" Now let’s learn what is the reason behind mirages occurrence.

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What is the Science involved in the mirages appearance:

Mirages generally happen in summer. Mirages are due to the refraction. It means the light travels between two media's with different densities while traveling of light it tilts, this is called as refraction. The air which travels by touching the earth's surface has the low density and the upper of the will have the high density.

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The presence of sky blue clouds and the blue color light in the Light spectrum will pass through the high-density air layer to the low-density air layer so that it refracts and reach to our eyes. Then we see the clouds reflecting at the far distance on the road. Because of this science involving we illusion that there is water present at far distances.

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