Why bulls in bullfighting get anger when they see red color?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to tell you about a traditional game bullfighting. We are going to discuss here actually how these are started and how the science involved in this game. We know there is nothing in the world without the science interference. Let's see how it is involved here.

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We see bullfighting in many television channels and also in many movies. A person with red color cloth stood in the middle of the circular ground and the bull is released into the ground. That bull always moving towards the red cloth with great anger, which is held by the person on the ground.

The person always changes the position of the cloth as the bull is approaching, this is the bullfighting. This bullfighting is mostly played in the Spain and Mexico etc.., countries. This was started around 300 years ago. This sport is conducted at that time to celebrate many festive occasions.

This is also a regional sport in some of the countries. But did you know why the bull will always try to hit the man? To know why and what the science is going on here and how the science is involved in this sport, read more...

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How the Science behind the bulls in the bullfighting:

Goats, Bulls, Cows, Buffaloes, Fishes, Crows, Foxes, Eagles and Dogs can't recognize any type of color. Their eyes don’t have the capability to recognize the colors. Even the bulls in the bullfighting can't recognize the colors. To recognize any color, there must be the presence of the Light Receptor Cells in one of the layers in Retina of eyes.

As the part of evolution in the human, the human being eyes retina has designed to see only the white and black colors. This mode of eyes is from the past 12 Billion years ago. Know as the part of evolution, there is the change in the human eyes to recognize the difference in the colors since 60 million years ago.

The animals which are similar and related to humans like Chimpanzees and Orangutans can able to recognize the colors to some extent because of the presence of Light Receptor Cells in those animals are to some extent. In the year of 2007 the Discovery channel conducted a test on bulls as bullfighting about to which colors they become anger. They tied White, Blue and Red color clothes side by side to a rope which is passing horizontally through the ground.

Then they place the bulls facing to those colors and observed that those bulls are reacted on those three colors similarly after a time being. Know they started moving these color clothes. Then the bulls are reacted on those three colors similarly but very faster than the previous condition.

While this experiment, they concluded that the bulls are reacted very fast on the white cloth with respected to the other colors.

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So that, we able to know that the bulls are mostly reacted on the light reflecting colors. The bulls only get anger on the color which reflects the light in a greater way. As a part of the game, they include the bulls which are very irritated to the small things.

As we discussed, the bulls will fast to the moving things. Finally, the bulls in bullfighting will not recognize the color and the bulls which follow red color in totally imaginary. In reality, the bulls in bullfighting don't react on the red color cloth as shown in the movies.

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