Why do we get hiccups?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain to you how the hiccups occur to us. These occur while we are eating or drinking something. Now we learn the scientific reason behind this automatic action in our body.

This hiccup was not a disease. These cause due to the small abnormal operation in our body. In India, the old people believe that when they cause hiccups while eating or drinking then they say “some people are remembering you”. But this is not at all right one. Actually, these hiccups cause when some works we perform like

  1. Eating too quickly

  2. Eating or drinking too much

  3. In strokes and other Vocal diseases.

Mostly these actions will cure in short time. This is common to every person. Some people also get hiccups when they are in sleep. After drinking some amount of water this action come under control. This leads to danger for some persons. The doctor will suggest some following medications only for the patient who have severe pain due to hiccups like “Thorazine”, “Haldol” etc..,

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How the science involved in the hiccups occurrence:

The reason behind the hiccups is the unchecked movement of the diaphragm which is located under the lungs. "A hiccup is a sudden, involuntary contraction of the Diaphragm muscle". When the vocal card snaps shut then the hiccups sound will come.

Here we know that the diaphragm is part of the respiratory system. But as I mentioned these actions will arise also due to eating, you may have doubt that how it is interlinked. Yes, this diaphragm is also connected to the transferring tube, which transfers swallowed food from mouth to the digestive system. These both tubes were operated by a small part in the brain.Also Learn: Why do clouds doesn’t fall down ?

So that, if any urges were created in the stomach then those will move through the tube and reaches to the diaphragm, then diaphragm gets disturbed by its movement. As we discussed that hiccups action will cause due to movement of the diaphragm. If these frequently occur take a little amount of water or hardly take in the oxygen and stop for a little while then leave it. This exercise will brings you to normal position.

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