How does the ores, minerals were formed under the earth?

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We may hear about minerals in our school education. Those are the substances which are formed under the earth due to the some chemical reactions undergoes under the earth. We can extract many elements like Magnesium, Aluminum, Silicon, Iron and Carbon etc.., from these minerals and ores.

We extract them from some particular extraction methods used in the industries. You may here some mining companies. Those will extract the ores formed under the earth. There many types of mining to extract the ores present in the earth as Surface mining, Underground, mining and High-wall mining. The surface mining is also known as the

The surface mining is also known as the Open cast mining. All these are quite good but did you question yourself “How these minerals were formed?”  To know how these minerals were formed, read the below paragraph.

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How the Science involved in the formation of the minerals under the earth:

Our solar system has formed before nearly 6000 million years ago. The sun was situated at the center of the solar system and all the other planets are rotating around the sun.  For the first time the big illuminating rock was formed.  The edge part of these rocks was divided from it and rotates in free space around it.

These divided small rocks were joined with other huge rocks which are in the space, later on, these are formed as the planets. These planets formed are self-illuminating bodies at their starting period. It means the planets like MercuryVenus etc.., were acted as the small stars.

This is because the hydrogen atoms present in that were to change to helium atoms and undergoes to the “Nuclear Fusion”. While the process of changing hydrogen atoms larger, huge amount of temperature is released. In this process, many elements were formed.

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As the temperature is decreased, the electrons in the elements were shifted to the static orbits. Thus there is a chance of undergoing chemical reactions. There is still huge amount of liquid iron present under the earth. This liquid iron is always in the state of boiling. The huge temperature required to boil that iron. Due to this process is going on many Hills, Valleys were formed.


Thus the unstable elements present were collaterally undergone to cohesion and gathered together. There are many other minerals were present under the earth were come on to the earth due to the blasting of volcanoes. Generally, It is huge work to dig the earth and extract the minerals from the earth. For example Iron, Oxygen combines formed as “Hematite (Ferric Oxide)” and Aluminum, Oxygen was combining formed as the “Bauxite” ore.

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The zinc and some other elements present under the earth were mixed with Sulfur, Oxygen, Carbon, and Silicon. Thus they formed as Sulphides, Carbonates, and Silicates. These were formed in solid state and stored under the earth. We call ores and minerals because it means the elements which are mixed or reacted with the metal elements present in the earth.

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