Why does the planets revolves only in the elliptical shape?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you the manner of the planets in our solar system. Did you observe that planets always rotates in the elliptical shape?

We know about the Solar system present in our Universe. This Solar system consists of a Sun, 8 Planets with their respected Satellites. We humans exist on the Planet Earth, which is the third position in the row of 8 planets.  Those 8 planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These planets revolve in the elliptical shape.

The living organisms which live on the other planets, we call them as the “Aliens”. There is only life exists on the Planet Earth, because it has many resources which are able to survive for a living organism. There are many types of research going on to finalize, whether the life exists or can possible on the other planet and satellite like mars and the moon respectively.

We know that these planets around the sun will revolve around the sun. The path for rotating of planets around the sun is called as the “Orbit”. This orbit is in the elliptical shape. We learned these planets were revolving in the elliptical shape around the sun. Did you know why it occurs so? To learn the answer read the below article.

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How the Science effects in elliptical shape rotation of planets in our Solar system:

If the sun exists exactly in the spherical shape, if the sun density is equal on all its surfaces and if the planets around the sun consist of spherical shape and density is equal to all its surfaces. Then must and should the planets revolves around the sun in a circular shape. Then there is no chance to revolve in the elliptical shape.

Even though originally the sun is in the spherical shape, the Solar tongues of the sun where not in the spherical shape with the sun. Sometimes these solar tongue mass is equal to the mass of the planets. There are many planets in the solar system whose revolving time is differing by a planet to planet.

So that, the other planets in solar system, their satellites and the directional status of the solar tongues effect on the planet in the solar system. This is known as the "Degradable mass". Based on this factory the appearance of the planets is framed. Due to this effect right know the planets in the solar system are revolving in the elliptical shape.

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Here this factor changes from time to time. There is an estimation that the rotating manner of planet Earth changes from elliptical shape to the circular shape after 30 thousand years. Again after this some thousands year again the earth come to the elliptical shape of revolving manner.

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