When did the sun born and what is it's age?

We know that the Sun is the main thing and locates the center of our solar system. The sun was a self-luminous object which emits the light source. The life exists on the earth from millions of years. We also know that the life only exists on the earth. Our earth is a planet in the group planets revolving around the sun and this whole system is called "Solar system" The scientists researched when the life starts on the earth. They also researched, when the earth was formed. This was the nearest star to our planet earth. Many other stars were also nearby to our earth like Proxima Centauri, Alpha Centauri is up to 4.2421 and 4.365 light years far from our earth respectively. The sun is up to 0.0000158 light years far from the earth. Now, are you eager to know when the sun born? What is the age of sun? To know the actual answer just read and learn the below paragraph.

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How the science involved in the formation of the Sun born:

The scientists in the world took the too old rocks and declared their age will be as the 4.5 billion years by some methods. It means they are formed before 4.5 billion years ago. Basically, the sun, earth, moon and all others planets are formed at the same time. So the scientists declared that their age must be the 4.5 billion years. After that, the scientists also declared that the sun will continuously emit this light energy till 11 to 12 billion years according to the sun’s mass and the light emitting by it. It declares that there is no problem with the sun and its light source till coming 7 billion years. The sun is also a star. The characteristics when the sun formed is the mass, temperature and the light emitted by the temperate low than know.

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The temperature of the sun when it formed is 25 Celsius low then the present temperature. It releases the huge amount of carbon dioxide. Due to this Greenhouse gas effect formed on the earth and the major problem is cleared to the earth without forming the ice on the whole earth.

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