Why we can't blow air in long cylindrical shaped balloons with ourmouth?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about the phenomenon occurred in the blowing of balloons. We see the balloons as the decoration part in many events, functions etc..,

This is a part of decorations in any type of parties. These balloons are made up of flexible rubber in water drop shape. where the narrow end is opened. We know that the air is present in the balloons and after that the narrow is tied so that the air present in the balloon will not leak outside.

There are many types in the appearance of balloons like heart shaped, long cylindrical shaped etc.., Generally, this balloon has filled the air with the physical equipment like the pump. We can also fill the air with those balloons with our mouth. The air is filled with many types of gasses present in the atmosphere.

Some balloons were filled with a special type of gas like “Helium”. This helium-filled balloon will always try to move to the sky because this helium gas is lighter than the air. Also, we fill oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrous oxide.  If we try to blow the air into the long cylindrical shape balloon with our mouth, we can’t know learn why it happens.

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How the Science affects us in blowing the balloons with our mouth:

We must require more lung power to blow the long cylindrical shape balloon than the normal spherical balloon. It means the balloon which forms the tube shape after blown the air into the balloon. While blowing the air into the balloon by our mouth, the atoms present in the balloon will change from its steady state.

While they changing, they again try to come to their normal position due to their property of “Elasticity”. The force required to change to its normal state is called 'Resist-Force'. The person who trying to blow the air into balloon must do work in the opposite direction to this resisting force.

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The energy required to blow the air into the balloon depends on the surface area of that particular balloon. If the surface area of the balloon is more then automatically the resisting force will be more. Even though the volume of the circular and cylindrical balloons is same, the cylindrical shape balloon has more surface area.

So, it offers more resist force. Thus, we must require using more lung power to blow the air into the cylindrical shape balloons.

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