How the heavy vehicles pulled by hair of people?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about a competition. In this competition, the heavy vehicles pulled by hair of the people. You might have seen such competitions in TV's or in the Guinness world records.

We see many stunts as vehicles pulled by the hair in movies and by many professionals in our daily life. We also see these stunts were performed accurately in the circus. A circus is a place where we can see many professional people were performing many mind-blowing stunts.

But remember one thing, there will be science present behind everything in the world. Know discussing this vehicle pulled by the hair. There are many Guinness world records on people pulling the heavy vehicles with the help of their long & strong hair.

Here is a person, he name was “He Yi Qun” from china, his track record was pulling a bus which is a weight of 9,585.4 kgs and he pulled it for 5 meters for the first attempt itself. As this was the record till know. The new fresh record was achieved recently by a 66-year-old man named “Manjit Singh” from Great Britain. He broke the 57th world record of vehicles pulled by the hair. His achieved the new record by pulling "12 ton Double-Decker bus" with his strong ponytail. However we are on the topic, now we learn how it happens so.

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How the Science Involved in vehicles pulled by the hair:

To pull the huge trucks or any vehicles, the particular person hair should be long, strong, hairs should be denser in nature and the hair should be fixed deeper in the scalp. The skin on our head is called as the scalp. The people will grow their hairs long, strong and make their hair come together to form a rope structure.

Thus their hair looks like a rope. They tie the end of the hairs to the item which they want to pull. So that, the weight of the vehicle are on the object is equally applied on the every single hair. According to a survey, they discovered that there will 85 thousand to 140 thousand hairs will present on our head scalp based on their color of hairs.

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If the person's hair is in red color and his weight is 100 g then his every hair will resist up to 1.2 g of weight. If any hair has to remove from our head, then we have to apply minimum 100 g of weight on it. It takes more than 100 g to remove hair from it deeper sources.

So that, If the hairs were tied together with a rope, then it is easy to pull the huge amount of weight. Obviously, the pain is generated. We have to withstand it. Being practice this pain will not affect more on us. As the women's in the circus has long, strong hair, they do this stunt easily.

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