What is Bluetooth? When was it discovered?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain about the stuff which relates to technology. This technology is mostly used n our daily life. This is used to share the data. Yes, it is "Bluetooth". Please subscribe to our Email and Push Notifications service for free and get much more latest interesting stuff to your inbox and as mobile notifications to your phone.

This Bluetooth is commonly used to share the data between two different electronic devices. This is one of the most common integration in every phone in our daily life. Based on the working of this system many new inventions have come in these days. For example Bluetooth speakers, Wireless headset, Selfie stick etc..,.

The latest trending product selfie stick will also work on the basis of the functioning Bluetooth technology. Not only this, take the Bluetooth speakers, this will give us awesome high definition sound quality to us when we play songs using these speakers. Now are you seeking interesting to know actually what this technology is, how it works and who invented it? Read more…

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History behind the invention of Bluetooth technology:

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Nowadays Bluetooth is using to share data from one device to another device. To transfer signal from Mobile - Mobile, TV - TV, Mobile - TV, TV - Speakers, Mobile - Speakers this method has come into existence. In this method of transferring data, we use the 2.5 GHz frequency Radio waves. This sharing technology has vastly spread to the people. Nowadays there is no mobile with this technology.

This system is first integrated into the mobiles by the company 'Ericsson' in the year of 1994 and released this product in the market. In the 10th century, there was an Emperor "Herald Bluetooth" who ruled the place called 'Scandinavia'. He solved the all the problems in his kingdom and avoid quarrels between people in his kingdom by maintaining equity between all the religions people.

For this, the Herald was left as one of the great men in the history pages. “Jim Caddish” an employee of 'Ericsson' company has invented the method of connecting the two different electronic devices and sharing data among them. In the year of 1987, he named that technology as the "Bluetooth".

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From that day, there was no change in the name of this technology. This technology was represented by symbol 'H' or 'B'. Even these two alphabets are from the named of that Emperor. Even though there are some limitations in this technology like only share data to the devices which are nearby and slow loading time, it was a popular sharing network till the “Share it” come in market. Know “Share it” is became a popular transferring device than the Bluetooth. It has fast transferring capacity with the use "Hotspot" in the mobile devices.

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