Why can't we inhale dissolved oxygen in water?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about an interesting thing related to our respiration. We respirate in free air(on land), can't we respirate in the water as fishes do. Please subscribe to our Email and Push Notifications service for free and get much more latest interesting stuff to your inbox and as mobile notifications to your mobile.

Generally, the oxygen is present in this atmosphere. We inhale this oxygen present in the atmosphere and survive. But in the case of the crustaceans, they survive in the water by consuming the dissolved oxygen in the water. Crustaceans are nothing but the living organisms which can able to live in the water.

For example Fish, Frog, Tortoise, Whale, Dolphin etc., This dissolved oxygen is measured by the units “mg/L”. This is also generated in the water with the help of plants present in the water. The plants in the water will undergo photosynthesis process and releases the huge amount of the dissolved oxygen. Where there is a low amount of dissolved oxygen, there the living organisms in the water can’t survive for a long time.

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OK, up to here everything is fine. Did you think that why can’t we survive in water with the dissolved oxygen? To know, whether we can survive in water or can’t survive in water. Read more…

Can we survive by inhaling dissolved oxygen in water:

Every living organism on this earth needs the energy to survive. Generally, in any organism, we get energy by the oxidation process of the chemical energy present in glucose in presence of the oxygen.

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All the organisms get glucose by their food and oxygen by their respiration process. The living organisms in water, the crustaceans like fishes and similar organisms as this, will consume the oxygen dissolved in the water with the help of their Gills.

The fish takes oxygen dissolved water from the mouth. This water passes from the gills present either side of the head. Meanwhile, the oxygen present in water is diffused into the blood vessels present in the gills. All the crustaceans will not take only the oxygen in the water.

For example take Penguins, Dolphins, Whales, and Seals intermittently respirate in water and when on the surface, they inhale oxygen in from the air and release the air without oxygen from their nose similar to us.

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In our human respiratory system the Nose, Throat, Lungs and Diaphragm plays an important role. Our body can't able to take the oxygen dissolved in water and survive. So that we wear suits and go for diving. This type of diving is called scuba diving.

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