How the gravitational force exist on the Sun and planets?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about a physics concept. That was the force of gravity. We know it lies on earth. What about the other planets and the sun? If you like this article, Please subscribe to our Email and Push Notifications service for free and get much more latest interesting stuff to your Inbox and as mobile notifications to your phone.

We know that we are now standing, walking, running etc.., and other works on the earth because of the gravitational force. The gravitational force is also called as “Force of Gravity”. This Force of Gravity is something like a “Magnetic Field” around the “Magnet”.

The Magnet will attract all the magnetic materials towards it which lie in its magnetic field. Similarly, The Earth is a huge circular magnet. We are the magnetic materials and here the magnetic field is the Gravitational Force. So, we attracted towards the surface of the earth.

Sir Isaac Newton played a crucial role in the discovery of gravitational force. Newton proposed may laws on the force of gravity like "Laws of gravity". Generally, we talk about the force of gravity in this way. But, do you know how this Force of gravity gets setup? Do this Force of gravity lies in the sun and other remaining seven planets?

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To know the answers to these questions, move on….

How the Gravitational force gets setup:

In our universe, four different types of forces are in existence. In these two types of forces are present in the molecular nucleus. We can't see these forces. The other two remaining forces are the Gravitational force and Electromagnetic force. We encounter these forces in every substance and in its movements. The every substance will expose to their own gravitational force. The every substance will attract the other when other came into its field by applying gravitational field.

This attractive force is directly proportional to that product of two substances mass and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between those two substances. For example, a small ant also has the force of gravity. So, the planet which weighs some tones also produces the force of gravity by their own.

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Even sun has the force of gravity. The hydrogen gasses and helium gas which are obtained by nuclear fusion have the mass. Due to these gasses, a huge mass was obtained. Due to this huge mass the sun able to rotate all the celestial objects in the solar system around him. Thus the sun and planets also have gravitational force.

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