Why the planet mars appears red in color?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about the interesting facts about our neighbor planet mars. We see mars in the photos, we may observe that it always will be in red color. If you like this article, please subscribe to our Email and PUSH notifications services in order to get much more latest interesting stuff to your Inbox and as mobile notifications to your mobile phone. It is absolutely free of cost.

If we see the planet mars without the help of instruments like the telescope or from the space. This looks most attractive and brownish red in color. Not only this planet, there are many other planets in our solar system with different colors.

For example, take the planet earth, it looks blue in color when we see from the space because there are nearly 70% of water is present on the earth. There are many types of research conducting on the mars to know is their life exists on the mars.

We sent many satellites onto this planet to research on its geographical conditions and biological conditions to check whether the life of the human can be able to alive on the mars. For example, NASA sends the “Curiosity” land rover on to the mars to check the various conditions present on the mars. India took up the “MOM” mission to check the geographical conditions of it. Also Learn: Why do the planets revolve only in the elliptical shape?

What is the reason behind the mars as appearing red in color:

The reason behind this color appearing on the planet mars is the dust present on it. This dust is made up of the reddish iron oxide particles. Due to this reason this planet is called as “Rusted planet”. According to a research, the astronomers declared that the iron was come on to the mars because of collision of asteroids which contains the iron particles. Then the iron particles came on to the mars surface. Thus the iron present on the surface is reacted with water present on this planet surface and became the “Iron oxide” which is commonly known as the “rust”. The chemical formula of the rust is – “Fe2O. XH2O”. Where the value of X lies between 0 to 3.

Know here on this basis, we can assume that the huge amount of water present on this planet. Because the water is the main element in the reaction of formation of rust. But now the scientists were saying, there was only some amount of water on mars.  The rust is formed due to the “Ultraviolet rays” emitted by the sun. Also Learn: What happen when we release bombs on the other planets and moon ?

This due to some amount of water present on this planet. Also, the ultraviolet rays emitted into space were both mixed and make the iron present on this planet as rust. Based on this, they declared as the assumption of the huge amount of water present not exists.

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