Why the blood clots when exposed to atmosphere by an injury?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about the fuel of our body. Yes, that was the blood. Did you notice ever that the blood clots in your body? Let's see. If you like this article, please do subscribe to our Email and PUSH Notifications services in order to get much more latest interesting updates tour Inbox and as Mobile notifications to your smartphone. It is free of cost.

We know that blood flows in each and every part of our body. If the blood is not flowing in the organ of our body, this leads to the dead state of that organ. The blood is most important to every part of our body because of it transfers the oxygen to the each and every part with the help of the Hemoglobin present in the blood.

If blood is not flowing then oxygen supply to the organ is stopped, so I mentioned it leads to the dead state of the organ. This whole blood pumping system is known as “Circulatory system”, are also called as the “Cardiovascular system”. “William Harvey” discovered that blood flowing in our body. This term “blood” was discovered by the scientist “Austrian Karl Landsteiner”.

Karl Landsteiner was classified the different types of blood groups were present in the human blood as “A”, “B”, “O” & “AB” types. This blood was generated from the bone marrow present in the bones. Coming to the topic, did you think why the blood clots when exposed to the atmosphere by an injury to any part of our body? Know let we learn why it happens so…

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What is actual reason behind blood clots:

If any injury occurs at any part of our body, then blood starts flowing out from that part. After a short time, the blood clots at the place where it starts flowing out from the body. To know the actual reason we should learn, practically what is present in the blood circulating in our body.

Mainly out blood consists of White blood cells (WBC), Red blood cells (RBC), Platelets and a liquid-like structure called Plasma. The Red blood cells will place as a crucial role in transferring the oxygen throughout our body. The white blood cells will fight among the harmful microorganisms entered into our body like Virus, Bacteria etc.., the main component to for the blood clots is the platelets. These platelets present all over our body in the blood. When any part of a body gets injured then this platelet will gather around that injured place.

This makes the plasma present in the blood to produce a plastic like fibrous material. When this plastic like fibrous material reacts with the calcium present in the blood, it forms the material called 'Paibren'. This paibren material looks like a thin thread like structure.

These fine threads will join each other and forms like cloth and not allows the blood to flow out from the body. These platelets will also participate in the formation of a Harmon called 'sirotin'. This helps the blood not to flow outside when any injuries occurred.

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