How does the coal formed?

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We know that the Gold is one of the costliest metals in our daily life, we often call it as “Black gold”, we use this mostly in our daily life for heating. Nowadays as the technology was updated, we are shifted to the electrical heating methods instead of using this black gold. By these old methods, the atmosphere is damaged vastly because they release the smoke and ash wastes in their usage.

Nowadays this was the main fuel for the generation of electricity in the whole world. According to the survey of 2008-2011, the total amount of produced coal present in this world is 891,530 million tons. Since 1983, China is the only country which produces a large amount of black gold. But since, 2016 starting, the china was reducing the extraction of coal from earth to save their environment condition.

In the total usage of coal in the world, 48% of that was used by china. Due to this reason their environment is totally damaged. In china, 40% of river water and 90% of underground water was polluted because of this usage. Know in order to reduce this condition to other countries, they are closing their thermal power generation plants. In Europe, the 25% of thermal power plants were closed in order to save their environment.

Portugal said we closing all the thermal power plants consists of our country up to 2020 and Great Britain, Scotland was also declared that they are closing their thermal power plants in their countries up to 2025. This result, we have to switch to any other best alternative to produce electricity without any damage of environmental conditions. Because,

Because, If the environment is good, we live with a good health. Coming into the topic, here we discussed the coal and some facts about it. Now we learn how actually this coal formed. Read more….

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Here's the reason how science involved in coal formation:

Basically, this was a mineral of fossilized carbon. As the present, several years back our earth consists of many trees. As the time being the trees present on the crust of the earth was drifted into the earth due to some natural calamities. Due to the thrust, high-temperature present at the bottom of the earth, the dead vegetation present will changes to black gold after many years later.

This process is known as the carbonization. Coal is mostly consists of carbon and also have some amount of sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen. According to the carbon element present in the coal, this coal, is classified into many categories. If there is 90% of carbon in coal then it supposed to call as the 'Anthracite'. While using this particular type of coal we get more heat, less smoke and ash content. This is known as “A” grade coal. Which is generally used many of the large scale and small scale industries at heating furnaces if required? This is one of the main fuels in thermal power plants. This type is good for the environment as it reduces the pollution by decreasing the emission of smoke and ash wastes while heating.


If the carbon content is of 70% to 90% in the coal then this type of compound is called as the Bituminous coal. If they exist 45% of carbon element then it is called as the Lignite. This is also called as the Brown coal. If 40% of carbon element is present then this type is called as the Conal. This conal is also called as the Gas coal. This black gold which consists of less carbon element and more humidity then this particular type is called as the 'Peat'.

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