Why some people do shaking legs while sitting in a chair?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about an work which is done by every human being in this world without his consciousness. Yes, that was shaking legs while sitting on the chair or table. If you like this article, you must subscribe to our Email and PUSH Notifications service for free to get the latest stuff to your inbox and as mobile notifications to your mobile.

We see many people in our day to day life those who shake their legs while sitting in a chair, no one says them to start shaking legs and no one say stop shaking legs. Just it looks like a habit of them. But many of in this world will have this habit. You may also one of these people. Even I am shaking legs my legs while writing this article.

Here I am not talking about the people who shaking legs while sitting in the chair because of the cool weather present in that place. Here the topic is the people who will shake their legs normally when they are thinking, in free without any work. The every movement in our body is controlled by our brain. Do you know that Monkey has two brains, one is to control its body and other is especially to control its tail?

This is controlling is possible because of the Nervous system present all over our body. As these will pass nerve impulses the signals is transferred to the brain. Coming to the topic, here we are going to learn why we are shake legs while sitting in a chair automatically within a few minutes.  

What is the science behind the shaking legs while sitting in chair:

As we discussed that every human being movements are controlled by their brain. Some movements in our body are going on independently by the independent nervous system without any of our consciousness. For example, assume the heart beating, movements of the diaphragm and pains for pregnancy women when she is ready for delivery.

Some of our movements were controlled by our brain like chewing, walking, laughing, dancing and running etc.., by the volunteer nervous system. Don’t be confused by this different types of nervous systems, their name indicates their functioning.

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As the age is going on increased, due to some changes in our mind some habits are habituated to us. This shaking legs while sitting in the chair were done independently and by voluntarily by us. As this, some habits gets started by us without any contemplation of us do to as this. For example, someone has a habit of biting their nails. For the first time, this action was a volunteer act but going on this became a habit.

While they doing any work, they bite their nails automatically without commands from their brain. Now this action is an independent act. Similarly, the shaking legs while sitting in a chair. We may call it also a Syndrome. This was not any disease.


It is useful to a person who doesn't do any exercise. While any person performing this task some amount of calories is burn out. So, some doctors advise the patients not to worry about this habit. As it useful to them to decrease the fat content in their body in case the people little bit obese.

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