Why tea plants mostly grow at landslides in hilly areas?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about the nature of the tea plants mostly grown. Did you observe that why tea plants mostly grow in landslides in hilly areas?

Most of the people drink tea daily. This is a beverage which relaxes the human who consumes it. There are almost 3,000 types of varieties in tea plants. There are few more categories in these varieties such as Black tea, Green tea, Dark tea, White tea, Oolong tea and etc.,

The people mostly drink the normal type of tea. This normal type has “zero” Energy, Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats. The other type which is popularized all over the world is "Green tea". This is a Healthy relaxation drink. It maintains hygiene in the person who consumes it.

The Nutritional facts in the green tea are, these calculations are calculated for every 100 g of the green tea. There is 19.4 g of proteins, 4.1 g of carbohydrates and by consuming it we get 94 K cal. of energy. So, it is basically proved this drink is a relaxation hot drink. So, people daily consume it.

OK, coming to the topic, you may see the tea crops were grown in hilly terrains. If you are a tourist you may get a doubt that why these tea plants were grown in hilly terrains and why not in or near to our houses? Don’t worry, I am here to make you learn the reason behind the production of tea in only hilly terrains areas.

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Here's the reason why the tea plants are mostly grown in landslides at hilly terrains:

The scientific name of the tea plant is “Camellia Sinensis”. Actually, the tea plants are one of the native plants of the World’s largest continent “Asia”. These tea plants are suitable conditions to grow in both tropical and sub-tropical areas. When you visit these tea plants yard, you may observe that workers in this place will pluck the tea leaves and wore in their basket which is back of them.

By this, you may able to know that the tea crops were mostly grown in the hilly terrains. Know let see why they grow these crops particularly in these hilly terrains area. The tea crops required very less amount of water. The places where these crops are grown will not require the more rainfall. Just a decent sizable rainfall is enough for their growth. If the water is stored at the bottom of plants as then the plant squat, if we grow in our houses or in the gardens, the tea plant will get spoiled due to over water stored at the bottom. If we consider the landslides in hilly terrains the water which is supplied is moved to the bottom by wetting the soil where plants are there. The place where these hilly terrains present consists of cool weather.


These places are good looking by these plants planted in these terrains, these places also became tourist places to visit by many tourists, these places were good for the people who love the nature. India is the country which produces the highest amount of tea crops and also exports tea to many countries.

We can also grow these tea plants in only the places which satisfy the suitable geological condition for their growth.

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  1. I agree with your reasons but also tea plantation demands evenly distributed rainfall with no water logging issues. The hill slopes provide an easy drainage of the rain water, hence prevents the conditions of water logging. Moreover, the tea plants grow well in the loamy soil which is found mostly over the hill slopes.

    Thanks for sharing such great things.

  2. Great Article thanks for sharing !. This is just amazing !!