Why High Blood Pressure occurs in our body?

Hello, Science-seekers, today I came here with a fresh article to explain you about the blood pressure. If we took a patient near to the doctor he checks the blood pressure in our body. After his test, he tells us whether we have high blood pressure or normal. If you like this post, you must subscribe to our Email and PUSH notifications service after reading this post. It is absolutely free of cost. So, you can get much more latest interesting stuff to your inbox and as mobile notifications.

For the first time, William Harvey described that the blood circulation is done throughout our body to each and part by the help of the pump called the heart. This heart is made up of the Cardiovascular muscles. Due to this reason, the study of heart is named as the cardiology.

We can call the blood pressure as the BP. It means the blood flowing in blood vessels of our body with a certain pressure. This pressure is measured by using an instrument called Sphygmomanometer. The average blood pressure of a normal human is 120/80. The numerator is the value of Systole and the denominator value is called Diastole.

Nowadays there are latest electronic instruments are come into the market for measuring the blood pressure. In the usage of these new instruments, the person who tests will not apply and force on your body as in the usage of the sphygmomanometer. They just make a small hole on your tip of your any finger and took the small droplet of your blood into a card.

When this card in inserted in a slot of electronic measuring instrument then automatically the pressure exists in the blood vessels is displayed in the decimal format on the display. There is some research is going on to determine the various tests using blood with a single droplet of blood. OK, coming to the topic, we are discussing the why this high blood pressure occurs in our body. You may see some persons in our daily life who are effecting with the high blood pressure problem. This problem may lead to the Heart Attacks.

Generally, you may see this problem mostly in the old aged people. Did you think why this high blood pressure problem arises in our body? Don’t worry, I am here to make to learn everything stuff related to why this problem originates.

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Here's the reason why High Blood Pressure occurs:

The heart is one of the main organs of our body which will pump blood to the various parts of our body. The need of blood pumping to the all of our body parts is the body parts have to function properly. The organs will function by consumption of oxygen present in hemoglobin in the blood. Just this oxygen is like a fuel of an automobile. Without fuel the locomotive will not run similarly without oxygen we can’t alive on the earth. Know let’s learn how the doctors will measure the blood pressure. Practically it is impossible to measure the pressure of the blood in the blood vessels directly. There are two types of blood vessels, they are Arteries and Veins. The arteries are the good blood vessels and veins are the bad blood vessels.

So in order to measure the pressure of blood in the blood vessels, the doctors will apply the pressure manually from outside and find at which applied pressure the blood is stops flowing from the vessels. As on the pressure applied the mercury present in the glass tube will rise in the tube. Generally, it is 120 mm of mercury.

This value is known as the Systole. After this, know the pressure applied is slowly decreased and observed at which amount of pressure the blood starts flowing from the vessels and as on pressure decreases the mercury level falls down. This particular value is called as the Diastole. This is normally of 80 mm of mercury. The attained two values 120/80 is a normal human being blood pressure.


If the case of increasing fats is present in our body as the result, the inner diameter of the blood vessels is decreased, suffering from the heart problem, suffering from obesity are the main symptoms to increase the pressure of pumping blood in the blood vessels by the heart.

Then automatically the blood pressure increases. If you consume more amounts of spicy, junk foods, oily foods and salt will make you suffer from high blood pressure. More tensions in your mind will influence your heart to increase the blood pressure. Thus you effect with high blood pressure. Proper diet, Daily exercise and cool thinking about any problem will drag you far away to affect High Blood Pressure.

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