What is the stem cells treatment?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain to you about one of the most prestigious research. Yes, that was stem cells research. Please do subscribe to our Email and Push Notifications service for free and get latest updates to your inbox and as mobile notifications to your smartphone.

We hear the word stem mostly while learning about the plants. As, the stem is the plant's above-ground support structure, bearing its leaves, buds, and flowers. It also forms part of a plant's transport system. Xylem tissue carries minerals and water from the roots to the rest of the plant, while phloem tissue conveys nutrients produced in the leaves.

We also hear about the cells in our schooling. As the cell is the basic structural unit of every living thing, most plants and animals are composed of millions of them. Cells work in unison to perform the tasks necessary to keep an organism alive.

They vary in shape according to their function. A human red blood cell is disc-shaped, while a nerve cell is thread shape and maybe a meter long. Unlike animal cells, plant cells can produce their own food through photosynthesis.

Till now we learn about the stem and cell. We may hear about the stem cells in our daily life or may hear about the stem cell bank. As when a person is injured if his stem cells are stored, we can cure his damaged part of an organ by the new organ prepared by his stem cells collected when he born. These can help to make the new organs etc.., Yes, you are now in the correct place to learn what is fact in those all above rumors.

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Here are the scientific facts about the stem cells:

The researchers about the stem cells started the new era of the advancement in Biology. These stem cells are like the raw materials for the formation of all organs in our body. These are the multicellular organisms which can capable of reproducing many other cells. If there is any damage to our body organs, according to the principle it is scientifically possible to prepare that damaged organ.

This project on preparing of organs depends on the technology available in different countries. Mostly it is possible to prepare new organs. When the baby was born, there is a chance to collect the stem cells. Now many people are thinking to store these stem cells for a longer period as it may helpful in the accidents. To produce organs when the person is met with a failure of organs in their body. On the basis of this concept, now there are many banks to the stem cells. These are collected from the belly tube when the baby is separated from the mother's womb. These are stored in the small test tubes in the soft warehouses where consists of the liquid nitrogen vapor.

The temperature in that warehouse will be up to -200° Celsius. These stem cells will be stored hygienically alive for some decades. In these decades of years, these stem cells are in the alive condition but they do not participate in the production of new cells, just like an ideal condition for many years. Just as in a coma state.

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  1. Stem cell treatment are use to prevent a disease. It is mostly used for bone marrow transplantation and spine surgery. Very often it is use for diabetes and heart disease.