Why the air proved as a weighted body in balloon experiments?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to tell you a fact behind the natural phenomena we might have studied or observed in our schooling. The fact is “Air is a weighted body”. This we have observed by balloon experiments. I am going to explain how and why a weighted body even though it is invisible. If you like this article, Please subscribe to our Email and PUSH notifications service. It is absolutely free of cost. In order to get much more latest interesting updates from us to your Inbox and as Mobile notifications to your mobile phone.

The air is the invisible mixture of gasses surrounding the earth. It is also known as the open space above the surface of the earth. The air is present everywhere on this earth. It spreads up to a distance of 100 kilometers in all directions around the earth. Some of them still believe this air doesn't have any weight because it is invisible. This air is the mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and dust particles, etc.,

All these are a mixture of atoms. We might learn as the atoms have some weight. We can also prove that air has weight by a small experiment. Here the process to do the experiment:
1. Take a very lightweight common balance.
2. Take two balloons.
3. Blow air in one of the balloons and leave others naturally.

4. Tie these both balloons to either side of the common balance.
5. Now you practically observe the balloon with air will tend weighted than the balloon without air filled.

Many of us done the balloon experiments to prove the air has some weight. Did you know how that air has that weight? Let's learn.

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Science story behind why the air proved as a weighted body in balloon experiments?

Here we can see the practical demonstration proved that air is invisible but it has some weight. The weight of the balloon will be approx. 1.3 grams weight if 1 liter if air is filled with it. As the air has the weight it creates some amount of pressure on every object. This pressure will be of 7-kilograms for 6 square centimeters of the area.

For 82 square centimeters of the area, the pressure applied will be 82 kilograms. According to this, the pressure applied by the whole air in the environment on our body will be greater than the weight of the 3 elephants. This pressure is not practically applied to our body due to the flowing of blood in the blood vessels of our body, the pressure of this flowing of blood will balance the condition.

So, we might have experienced this force on our body. If not, there will be no human on this earth.

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