Why the summer, rainy and winter seasons form in every year?

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We know about all seasons. The seasons are of four like summer, rainy and winter season. These seasons are different at different places on our earth. This is due to our earth is in a spherical shape.

We know about the solar system. In the solar system, the sun is at the center and all other planets are rotating around the sun. These planets are rotating around the sun on their axis. These axes are in the elliptical shape. Learn why these planets revolve in an elliptical shape.

This season on our earth is formed because of the sun and the revolution of the earth around the sun in their axis. The sun, the main sequence star. Learn the age of sun here. There are three different seasons as:
  1. Summer season:
In this season, the temperature due to the sun on the earth is increased. Due to this, it is difficult to survive for this reason. Without the proper preventive steps, we may hit a sunstroke. In this season the water sources become dried. In this season the temperature in the surroundings will dominate the temperature of our body.
  1. Rainy season:
In this rainy season, the clouds formed in the summer season will start raining in this reason. So, it called during the rainy season. In this season the temperature will be in moderate condition.

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  1. Winter season:
In this winter season, the temperature on the earth was low. In this season the temperature, our body dominates the temperature in the surroundings. This season will lead to many viral diseases.

Here the brief description among all the seasons in our daily life. Now we see what the actual scientific reason for the formations of is these seasons in our daily life. Let’s go.

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Here's the scientific reason behind the formation of seasons like summer, rainy and winter:

The earth revolves around the sun in an elliptical shape. Due to this reason, the distance between the sun and the earth is not contained always. The sun is a luminous body it is burning always. The earth axis always makes the angle of 23° while rotating around the sun.

Due to this the earth slightly bends to the North Pole. Thus the northern hemisphere experiences the summer and southern hemisphere of our global experience winter. The sunlight gradient will not fall constantly in all places of the earth. This is due to the earth is in the spherical shape.

The place where these lights fall straight then in that particular place, the solar radiation is more and temperature is also high. The best example of this is the Equator of the earth. We can notice the high temperatures among all temperatures in other places of the earth.

The place where sun rays fall by traveling the longer distance will experience only some amount of heat. Thus the sun’s radiation is less and temperature here is less than the place where the sunlight falls in a straightforward manner.

In relation to the sun, the earth spins on a tilted axis. Thus, as the earth orbits the sun over the course of the year, the earth’s two hemispheres are alternately nearer to, then further from, the sun’s warmth. This produces four distinct weather phases called the season. If the earth’s axis was at right angles to the sun, there would be only one ‘season’.

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