What are the health benefits of copper vessels used for storing water?

Hello, Science enthusiasts, today we are going to discuss a fact which we might see in our daily life. I think so people in India know it very well. It is, the old people will drink the water stored in the copper vessels. Now let’s see what are the health benefits of copper vessels when used to store water and drinking purpose.

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This copper is an element which is the best conductor of electricity. We see these copper in day to day life as electrical wires. In olden days these copper is used as we using plastic nowadays. There is a vast usage of copper in those days. They used copper also as utensils. They store water in these copper vessels and drink. Here we might observe they are saying “Drinking water stored in the copper vessel is good for health”. Now let's discuss what is the actual scientific fact behind it. Are you ready, then scroll down for the answer?

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Science involvement in health benefits of copper vessels used for storing water?

This copper is using by humans for 10 thousand years. Even till today, we are using copper in electrical applications, Ornaments, Alloys, etc.., this copper also present in some important proteins present in our body. The oxygen inhales by us is reached to the cells in our body due to the presence of "Cytochrome C Oxidize" metal protein in our body.

If you store water in the copper vessels, the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms present in the water was destroyed. So that the copper vessels and Ornaments will not be affected by Plankton (alga). This increases metabolism and avoids the occurrence of diseases to your body. Simply in improves immunity in your body. Our body should have a minimum amount of copper. If you drink water by storing it in a copper glass, you can restore them up to a minimum amount it required.

This copper is present in the beans and many other kinds of cereals. If these levels increase high in your body then you may get a disease called “Wilson". So, my advice is to drink the water stored in copper vessels once per week. The iron is added to the hemoglobin in our body due to some copper present proteins.

Such that you may observe there is a lot of health benefits of copper while using it as the water drinking and storage vessel.

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