Glucose Levels Monitoring Medical Alert Tattoo

Yes, you heard true. Glucose levels in the blood monitoring medical alert tattoo were developed by the Scientists. they will change their color according to the changes takes place in the Fluids in our body.

due to this advanced technology, there is no need to conduct the tests continuously for monitoring the fluid levels in our body. these are called the "Dermal Abyss".

This technology was developed by the experts belongs to the Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harward Medical School. The biosensors are used instead of Ink used to the traditional form of tattoos.

In the process of finding the glucose levels in the blood, these tattoos change its color from Pink to Purple. Thus we can find the Insulin need for consumption.

they are also researched on the pH and Sodium sensors during the process of researching the glucose sensor. These activities are quite similar to metabolism actions.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a helpful information man. Lovely thanks.

  2. Can I have this tattoo made in this BLK super specialty Hospital?

  3. Yes, you may! Before proceeding once analyze their operations history.

  4. Thanks For Sharing Such a useful Information regarding diabetic bracelets along with the uses and importance at the time of Emergency